#GamerGate: The Players and the Played

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The #GamerGate controversy reached a new high (or low depending on your perspective) recently when one of its main protagonists, the radical feminist and cultural critic, Anita Sarkeesian, was featured on the front page of the New York Times. Ironically, in view of the focus of her criticism about passive female characterization in video games, she herself was cast as the “damsel in distress”, under threat from active male protagonists.

Ostensibly, headlines like this are a direct validation of her work. Sarkeesian asserts that video games directly contribute to a culture of gendered violence in real life and – hey presto – there it is!  

But are radical feminist claims about games promoting violent norms really correct?  Studies of violence in video games say no. Last year the U.S. Supreme Court evaluated the evidence and came to a disappointing conclusion for people, like Sarkeesian, who are fond…

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Hayek and Keynes put to Rap.

I’m sure economics lecturers have struggled with communicating the titanic struggle between free and command economies to younger folks for years.While the edgier students may roll their eyes at this, the latter half picks up pretty well and it really does an excellent job of explaining the philosophical differences between the Twentieth Century’s most important economic rivals.

ABC News 20/20 shows the reality of socialist healthcare.

A little over a year ago ABC News’ 20/20 produced a remarkable 1-hour special on the realities of our current system in comparison to socialized healthcare models like those in Canada and Great Britain.   During the report ABC News discussed the facts about quality of care and the rebellion of Canada’s medical profession against their own system.

Most remarkable is the fact that this 20/20 special also covered innovations by major employers that have proven to be effective in confronting the unique challenges of our healthcare dillemma with purely free-market solutions.

And that employer was WHOLE FOODS, a bastion of progressivism.  Remember this report was played on national TV in 2007, a year before the election and TWO YEARS before the fiery end-run to demolish the healthcare insurance industry that we are seeing today:

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Frailty and Power

Governor Sanford has enriched our language with a new euphemism: “Hiking The Appallachian” which henceforth will evoke steamy Argentine dreams and the feckless fools who abandon reason to pursue them.

Most people are justifiably eager to see Sanford resign from office but some folks don’t mind if he stays.  Neither party is relevant. 

Sanford ditched his formidable security detail, hoodwinked his staff, flew to Argentina and rocked out for a week.  While it may provoke all kinds of indignation from people there’s one fundamental truth to all this:  ANYONE who is capable of contemplating then carrying out a plan of action like that couldn’t give less of a shit what you or I or anyone else thinks.


Even as we all gape in horror as girls’ schools and secularism is destroyed in Pakistan’s Sudetenland, I think it’s important to contemplate the consequences of preemptive American military intervention in the middle east. Just so we can compare public floggings and forcing women to remain illiterate with modern jurisprudence and a representative democracy:

On his return to Britain after securing “Peace in Our Time” Neville Chamberlain was confronted by a furious Winston Churchill who was at the lowest point of political favor in his career.   Whereas the press and parliament cheered Chamberlain’s deft diplomacy Churchill delivered his stunningly prophetic denunciation:

“You had to choose between Dishonor and War.  You chose dishonor.  You will have war.”

After six years of war the liberal forces in our society remain determined to deprive our armed forces the triumphant honors they deserve for transforming the hellish nightmare of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq into a vital polyglot democracy, and now they ask us all to remain silent while weak and opportunistic regimes who are sympathetic to liberal realpolitik surrender territories and lives to islamic fascism.

All for peace in our time.

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