Articulating Conservatism

The biggest reason Rush Limbaugh is considered the “de facto head” of the Republican party is because during  a time when every conservative seems consumed with “returning to our core values” he’s  the only one who is interested in doing precisely that.  Worse, he’s been doing the exact same thing for over two decades now, it’s not like any of his antics is a surprise to anyone.

Unfortunately the other pundits are either licking their ideological wounds or girding for apocalyptic battle against a charlatan who would eradicate American Exceptionalism forever.   But if conservatives are to have ANY HOPE fighting the long fight, we need to articulate our principles and appeal to those Americans who still cherish them over the dangled morsels of euro-socialism’s  comfortable mediocrity.

For one reason or another every conservative I have met simply assume that everyone is familiar with the core values of American Conservatism.  That somehow living in the last couple decades of ascendant Republican rule had somehow communicated the WHY’s of everything we believe in:  WHY we believe that free markets are agents of liberation; WHY we believe that government doesn’t belong in the charity business;  WHY we believe that self-interest and ambition are forces of unlimited personal emancipation.

I’m not sure how they could conclude that anyone walked away from the last decade knowing any of the correct answers to those why’s, but I know for sure that aside from Rush Limbaugh, noone has yet tried to give the American Polity a refresher course on the core principles of American Conservativism.   Which goes a long way to explaining why the left is determined to shut him down.

Conservatives have been lulled into the perception that the American people have come to REJECT those principles, but the fact is that we haven’t had anyone who had the willingness (much less the ability) to effectively share those values with the American people for over two decades:



2 thoughts on “Articulating Conservatism

  1. Excellent post.

    That a radio personality is arguably the greatest and most articulate spokesperson for conservatism is painfully telling of where the Republican Party is today. This is no slight on Rush Limbuagh, I assure you. I certainly don’t intend to brush him off as a mere “radio personality,” but for the sake of making the larger point, it is distressing to know that MOST of America’s best conservative voices are NOT holding elected offices, but are sitting in front of microphones.

    Reagan’s “speech” that you have linked here is one of the most inspiring and spine-tingling presentations given in the modern era. It is required viewing (or listening) to all who claim to be conservatives.

    Here is the line of the your article to brings it home:

    “But if conservatives are to have ANY HOPE fighting the long fight, we need to articulate our principles and appeal to those Americans who still cherish them over the dangled morsels of euro-socialism’s comfortable mediocrity.”


    And as always, well written.

    Andrew Roman
    Brooklyn, NY

    • I appreciate your comment, Andrew! I’m glad you found my new blog, I started it after reading your email.

      Personally I’m not a big Rush listener. I don’t dislike him or anything, it’s just that I don’t really listen to the radio very often. With what I’ve heard from him over years I’ve gleaned one singular fact: he hasn’t really changed much since before Clinton even got into office.

      He’s really getting the flak for the virtue of being the last man standing. Although of course Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck and others are also up there with him. The democrats have long understood that conservative punditry has formed a robust and effective rhetorical shield for the actual Republicans to get their work done while activist radio does all the ideological dirty work. Unfortunately, those elected Republicans haven’t been holding up their side of the bargain.

      This is a huge clue on WHY Limbaugh is still with us after two decades of essentially barking up the same tree, which is also a HUGE clue for our elected conservatives: Americans still admire the principled defense of American values. Limbaugh’s message hasn’t gotten stale precisely because it continues to have resonance with everyday Americans.

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