In case you missed out on Keynesianism

As often as conservatives seem to lament the encroachment of socialism, we still do little to nothing about explaining why it’s so bad.  If we’re gonna go around trying to remind folks who are fretting about their mortgages that the free market is the more sensible, logical and HUMANE answer, we’d better be prepared to explain how that is so.

People are afraid.  Emergency service personel are taught that people in a burning building will follow the person that is LEAST panicked, and right now, it’s looking like the only thing the Republicans are leading is the terrified stampede.

As conservatives we need to be able articulate how socialist policies have brought these conditions about, how socialist policies have brought nothing but RUIN to nations that attempted them, and how the introduction of exuberant and unhindered free markets have liberated billions of human beings over the last four decades:

That PBS series is based on Pulitzer-prize winning author Daniel Yergin’s The Commanding Heights.  That was the second episode, the first and third, both also excellent are below:

Episode 1:

Episode 3:


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