What’s so bad about Chas Freeman?

UPDATE: Freeman withdraws from consideration.  Blames jews.

While conservatives are mobilizing to do something about Obama’s appointment of Charles Freeman, a career “Realist” (in the moral/cultural relativist sense) to the NIC chair, I’ve noticed that most of the objections to him are based around his close ties with Wahhabbist autocrats in Saudi Arabia, his overt anti-Israel stance and his unsympathetic view of American interventionism.

This is troubling because although the situation in the Middle East is certainly precarious, it distracts us from the fact that this man SUPPORTED the brutal suppression of a democratic populist movement at the very moment when Communism was failing all over the world:

“[T]he truly unforgivable mistake of the Chinese authorities was the failure to intervene on a timely basis to nip the demonstrations in the bud, rather than — as would have been both wise and efficacious — to intervene with force when all other measures had failed to restore domestic tranquility to Beijing and other major urban centers in China. In this optic, the Politburo’s response to the mob scene at ‘Tian’anmen’ stands as a monument to overly cautious behavior on the part of the leadership, not as an example of rash action. . . .

This summer marks the twentieth anniversary of the Tiananmen square massacre. It’s important that we all understand that the ruthlessness and brutality of Chas Freeman’s “overly cautious” communist regime hasn’t improved, but in fact has gotten far far worse.

A couple years ago, PBS’s Frontline program produced an excellent documentary on one of the most heartrending expressions of individual defiance against totalitarianism called “The Tank Man”.  It’s a refresher on the sort of behavior that Chas Freeman felt the Communist Party should’ve  “nipped in the bud”:

A lot of folks can dismiss Tiananmen Square as “history”.  As something distant and irrelevant in the past that no longer affects the lives of Chinese or Americans today.  But they’re wrong.  The inhuman regime that murdered thousands of democratic protestors in 1989 hasn’t diminished or even relaxed, it is committing an atrocity against the principles of liberty and democracy every day:

Here is the “punchline” to that Frontline documentary.   THIS is what happens to truth under socialism:

Obama wants to put this guy in a position where he will be influencing how America responds to emerging democratic and free-market movements all over the world?   What happens if some Russians finally get their heads out of their asses to remove Putin?  Is he gonna recommend we tip off Vlad with some of his quality advice?


2 thoughts on “What’s so bad about Chas Freeman?

  1. Thanks to people like you who helped bring Freeman’s connections to light, he has withdrawn.

    Well done.

    Andrew Roman
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. I was really glad to hear that. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he’d withdraw, but then he shouldn’t have ever been considered for the appointment anyway.

    It’s a troubling pattern of total ideological saturation on Obama’s part. You can either believe that his organization simply doesn’t vet their nominees (which would have been disastrous during his campaign had it been true). Or you’re left with one conclusion: that all these callous, ultra-radical tax cheats are simply the ONLY FOLKS OBAMA KNOWS.

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