ABC News 20/20 shows the reality of socialist healthcare.

A little over a year ago ABC News’ 20/20 produced a remarkable 1-hour special on the realities of our current system in comparison to socialized healthcare models like those in Canada and Great Britain.   During the report ABC News discussed the facts about quality of care and the rebellion of Canada’s medical profession against their own system.

Most remarkable is the fact that this 20/20 special also covered innovations by major employers that have proven to be effective in confronting the unique challenges of our healthcare dillemma with purely free-market solutions.

And that employer was WHOLE FOODS, a bastion of progressivism.  Remember this report was played on national TV in 2007, a year before the election and TWO YEARS before the fiery end-run to demolish the healthcare insurance industry that we are seeing today:

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16 thoughts on “ABC News 20/20 shows the reality of socialist healthcare.

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  2. Know that I fully support your position regarding health care decisions being better made by the employers than the government. It’s more efficient, it’s better, it’s worked in the past (though, strangely, never in this country), and it’s one big step in the right direction for us all. Manor lords never had to put up with this crap from their serfs, why should business owners?

    • Heh, cute.

      Unfortunately, the facts do support that it HAS worked in this country.

      It has worked for the millions of prostate cancer survivors in the USA who enjoy a 24% higher survival rate than in the next highest rated socialized healthcare system (the UK). It has worked for Breast Cancer survivors, Colorrectal Cancer survivors, at-risk pregnancies, you name it.

      In fact, as problematic as our “feudal” healthcare system may feel like to the kneejerk anti-capitalist sensationalists. The fact is that the socialized healthcare systems so aggrandized by the left have been imploding in recent years with canadian doctors in open revolt by privatizing their own services on the side:

      In fact, Anne Doig, the new head of the canadian healthcare system was forced to acknowledge that their system was “imploding” (her own words) earlier this year:

      The UK’s NHS and NICE have had their abundance of well-publicized disasters this year that go beyond anecdotal bits. So dysfunctional is the UK’s NICE when it decided to discard hundreds of thousands of liver cancer patients to save a few bucks that even fabian socialists in parliament have begun to lament the idiocy of rationing.

      So while your glib “serfs and lords” commentary may have satisfied your quota of good liberal deeds today, it’s simply as empty as all the other arguments for a redistributive healthcare system have always been.

  3. Rationing is just a jingoist euphemism for coverage. We ration just as much as they do, the only difference is we use dollars to do it. If you can afford it, any procedure imaginable is open to you. If you can’t afford a happy meal, then the system just rationed you, didn’t it?

    This, of course, precludes the actual rationing that occurs every day by health insurance companies. Will the anesthetic for your wife be covered by your insurance? That all depends on your provider. One brand might, but hundreds of others won’t be covered. That’s rationing. Little girl needs a liver transplant but she’s deemed high risk? Your life just got rationed, little girl.

    And whose to say that private coverage couldn’t supplement a single-payer system? They do it in Switzerland. They have tiered packages one can add to their basic government provided health care. Where’s your Swiss horror stories? The fact is that our current health care system is terribly mismanaged, as transparent as lead, and severely lacking in innovation.

    Ah, but private companies couldn’t possibly compete with a single-payer system, you say. To that I point out that Social Security hasn’t killed retirement investing.

    It all boils down to who you want rationing health care: a for-profit system, or one with the general welfare of its citizens in mind; one where only shareholders have a say, or one where, theoretically, every person has one vote? One is obligated to maintain a strong citizenry and meet the voters’ demands; the other needs only to hit their quarterly marks.

    • Rationing is just a jingoist euphemism for coverage. We ration just as much as they do, the only difference is we use dollars to do it.

      What does the definition of “rationing” have to do with nationalism or patriotism? In order for it to be a “jingoistic” euphemism for anything, it would have to have some commonly held association with the subject. I may have been out of the country for over a year, but last I checked the word hasn’t become anymore overloaded than normal.

      But I can see you’re trying to put some sting behind your assertion there, unfortunately it doesn’t make sense the way you constructed it. Maybe you should’ve just come out swinging and called it a “Teabagger Euphemism” or a “RACIST KKK VERSION” of coverage.

      Unfortunately, it would still be wrong because “rationing” isn’t a euphemism for anything. It’s simply the most context-appropriate word to describe the behavior of organizations like NICE or Medicare. To what degree that rationing becomes problematic could be debatable but it’s not just “jingoistic teabagging KKK grand wizards” who use the term to describe that behavior. Not to say they don’t, because I’m sure they do.

      This, of course, precludes the actual rationing that occurs every day by health insurance companies. Will the anesthetic for your wife be covered by your insurance? That all depends on your provider.

      Correct, it would depend on your provider. Hence the central dilemma in any given single-payer system: your choice of providers. Under NICE, you have a false choice of providers, since all the caregivers you could possibly employ will revert to their SINGLE PAYER’s decision—the same single payer that now refuses to pay for Nexavar ( ) to refuse to pay for any treatment that doesn’t conform to their least-common-denominating redistributive metrics.

      Under an HSA-based system, the metrics that inform decisions on quality-of-life are entirely left to the individual. Some folks may decide their health is worth all the wealth in the world, others may decide it simply isn’t. A fair and democratic system would enable individuals to come to those decisions on their own and allow them to allocate their own resources appropriately.

      This isn’t the case under NICE, it isn’t the case under Medicare and it isn’t the case under the Reid/Pelosi plan.

      You wouldn’t HAVE a choice of providers under those plans. They would be cost-mediated by a taxpayer-subsidized entity that artificial imposes PRICE CONTROLS and thus imposes a planned economy with a sector that represents a sixth of our total GDP. No matter who your provider would be, it would be subject to price levers and opportunity costs imposed by a public option.

      In fact, by controlling the marketplace in this way, Obamacare can impose more draconian restrictions via price controls than NICE can by fiat.

      Compare that with the dramatic improvements in availability, funding and coverage that we are now seeing with Bush’s Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit ( where the coverage gap had been so effectively addressed by a free-market based solution that it now enjoys the HIGHEST satisfaction rating among all federal healthcare programs. By promoting incentives and putting coverage decisions back in the hands of patients and their families, part D potentially eliminates any of the sad-sack anecdotal stories about patients being denied coverage by one provider or another, they simply find a provider that will.

      It all boils down to who you want rationing health care: a for-profit system, or one with the general welfare of its citizens in mind; one where only shareholders have a say, or one where, theoretically, every person has one vote? One is obligated to maintain a strong citizenry and meet the voters’ demands; the other needs only to hit their quarterly marks.

      There’s the core fault in collectivized reasoning: the assumption that collectivized greed of one form can be overcome by collectivized greed of another form. That theft committed by a frightened and anxious public is somehow more pure than the theft committed by a frightened and anxious boardroom. In both cases, it’s still theft.

      If you’re going to compare profit-motive versus self-preservation, you have to regard actions by each party and judge them by their overall consequences on society as a whole. What happens when stockholders decide to gouge their patients and deny coverage or triple their recission rates? Are you stuck with them? No, there are legal and market consequences to that sort of behavior.

      On the other hand, what happens when people are denied treatment for brain tumors in closed government-run single-payer environments like in the UK? Oh, that’s right, they’re screwed. If they’re REALLY lucky, their family will harbor a really healthy distrust of collectivized healthcare and find a second opinion ( ). But usually they’re just screwed. No legal or market forces can restrain collectivized greed when it finds itself elected into office.

      Incidentally, I do believe that a sensible, HSA-based single payer system is more than desirable. But under Obama we’ve seen single-payer healthcare packaged as a cynical vehicle for statist intrusion on individualism. Not even John Kerry’s 2004 health plan (which I heartily supported) came close to being this intrusive with an individual mandate and thinly-veiled central economic planning.

      Maybe one day a free-market based single payer system like the one proferred by John Mackey in the video above (or like the excellent national healthcare program in Singapore) can be introduced by a republican administration.

  4. I just want you to know that your episode regarding health care is a bunch of bs! I DO shop around for the lowest cost and I have healthcare…BUT have you EVER tried to call a clinic and find out the cost of procedure. NO ONE can tell you! And do you want to know why that is…because different health insurance companies have different arrangements with different clinics on what they can charge you different procedures. So regardless of how dilligent you try to be by planning ahead and getting the best care for the lowest cost it doesn’t work out that way. NOT to mention I’m not going to go to a doctor JUST because he’s cheap! I want a doctor who will listen and actually HELP me with my issues and those doctors are hard to find so once I find one I’m willing to pay whatever he charges because I know I will be getting the best care! If health insurance had an overhaul this would only HELP matters NOT hurt them. Millions of people are without health care. I graduated from law school and I’m barely making it. Thank god I have a father who is willing to pay for me to have health insurance or I would be without. And I’m educated, with two degrees, and I have a job! How ridiculous that in the “BEST” country in the world I wouldn’t be able to see a doctor if my dad wasn’t paying my health insurance. THEN my health insurance denies MOST of my claims. Please explain how YOU think health insurance doesn’t need help right now! Your episode is full of falicies and is misleading and you talk about each of us citizens as though we are stupid and don’t try and shop around for the cheapest care. The next time you do a news program do a little f***ing research before spewing your lies out to the public!

  5. please remove my comment from above…it wasn’t intended for your website it was intended to be sent as an email to 20/20.

    • LOL Don’t worry, ABC was sooooo sympathetic to your simplistic “law-school educated” myopia of the healthcare debate that they pulled that piece and fired the man who produced it when they tried to air bits of it a year later.

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    I wish you the best of luck in the future with your blog and any other endeavors that you seek out.


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